Welcome to The Kettlebell Studio Blog!

My name is Diane Salettel and I am the owner of The Kettlebell Studio in downtown Chagrin Falls, OH. I have been a personal trainer for over 10 years, and I started swinging kettlebells about two years ago. I haven’t turned back since. I love what the kettlebell can do for a person’s strength and confidence. It’s so versatile – offering a strength exercise that slims a person down or bulks a person up, depending on what you want out of your workout.

Please call, email, or stop by the studio and experience the fun and challenging workouts that kettlebells provide. I have a passion for watching people achieve their physical goals. I will help you get the results you want, even if no other exercise has worked for you – kettlebells will!!

Also, I hope to hear from my clients on this blog. Please post a comment. Thanks so much!



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3 responses to “Welcome to The Kettlebell Studio Blog!

  1. Derek Millender

    Diane’s passion for Kettlebell training has inspired us to incorporate KB training into our workouts. We couldn’t have done it without you Thank You for all of your help and support. When our we going to work out again?

    -Derek Millender
    Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
    Cleveland State University

  2. Susie Orchen

    I have been working out with Diane for almost 2 years. She has changed my life. Having lost alot of weight and keeping it off I am so thrilled. I also am so strong and have so much confidence.She is also so knowledgeable with injuries. I never want my personal training session to end. I just love it and feel so fabulous. She is the best !!

  3. I’ve been looking for a weight routine for awhile now. I’ve read about kettlebells on some of the website’s that I frequent. I wanted to work w/ kettlebells but wasn’t sure how to go about doing it. I then stumbled upon Diane and her studio in a Plain Dealer article.
    I Irish step dance and it’s very demanding and requires alot more strength then people realize. I wanted to improve on my dancing as well as just being fit. I can’t stress enough how much I love kettlebells and Diane. You get results instantaneously. After 4 sessions w/ Diane my dance teacher said she could see a difference. It builds stamina and strength really fast. I used to think that Irish step dancing was the most aerobic thing ever until I started swinging kettlebells. Diane is down to earth, sincere and has a real passion for what she does. She is absolutely refreshing and encouraging and won’t let you manipulate your way out of working hard. You go girl!!!

    Don Jacobsen

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